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Creekside Mallow Marshmallows || Huckleberry

Creekside Mallow Marshmallows || Huckleberry

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Nothing says Idaho more than the taste of our official state fruit: huckleberry. This sweet little berry packs a lot of unique taste! In our huckleberry mallows, we use a natural huckleberry flavoring and, in addition to that, we stir in a bit of actual huckleberry preserve to give them a “just picked off the bush” flavor all wrapped up in a fluffy mallow! This is an excellent choice to send someone to give them a taste of Idaho or just enjoy yourself because really,

To maintain freshness, your marshmallows should be stored in a cool, dark place. Our shelf life is listed at 14 weeks to ensure quality, freshness and the fluffiness our customers have come to expect. As this being a perishable item, we will not accept returns or exchanges.

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